Trailer Tester Benefits for Service and Repair Shops

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Are you an individual with a mobile service truck working out of your house, the manager of a multiple bay service shop dedicated to semi-trailer support, the owner of an RV sales and service company, or one of the largest road repair companies in North America? One of the keys to being successful servicing any trailer – RV, Utility, or semi-trailers – is having a method to diagnose, repair and test the light and brake systems on the trailers you service. You need to complete these tests in the shortest time possible, maybe finding other problems along the way generating additional revenue! You are called because downtime isn’t an option.

You also know that any piece of test and diagnosis equipment must be easy to use, fast, and be operated by the shop people you have available. Trailer Testers are the answer! Our testers are in use at places like Travel Centers of America, McGriff Tire, as well as hundreds of small shops around North America every day helping ensure safety and maximizing their profitability.

Trailer Testers can help make all the difference! Here’s how:

Trailer Testers Are:

  • Guaranteed! Many of our testers carry a Five-Year “unconditional” warranty – the best in the industry
  • Portable and reliable
  • Rugged – built to take the heavy use and 24 hour a day/7 day a week service your shop demands.
  • Easy-to-use – Trailer Testers are so easy to use many customers report almost no training time.
  • Dependable – keep the battery charged and Trailer Testers will always be ready to go!

Trailer Testers Deliver:

  • Recall elimination by ensuring repairs are right the first time!
    Increased sales with the opportunity to sell “value added” services like brake adjustments and inspections, light checking, verification of wiring and ABS functions every time you hook up to a trailer!
  • Quick problem resolution eliminating “hunt and peck” trouble shooting immediately.
  • Peace of mind – You can rest easy regarding legal concerns about functional light and brake systems because you can fully test each trailer before you hand it back to the customer.
  • Rapid ROI – Payback on a Trailer Tester is lightning fast.
  • Significant productivity increases as tests on entire trailers can take 2 minutes! Make the most out of every trailer repair.

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