RV Check Light & Electric Brake System Tester

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RV Check Light & Electric Brake System Tester

The RV Check is a fast, easy, low-cost way to test RV lighting and electric braking systems. In addition to powering an RV trailer’s lighting circuits for easy checking, your RV Check measures the current draw of the electric brake coils, and checks the break-away battery circuit. This rv light & electric brake system tester is totally portable and completely self-contained. There’s no set-up, no fooling around with loose batteries or alligator clips, and you’re not tethered to a line cord.

  • Carrier-mounted RV 7- blade socket.
  • Adapter for “Flat Four” connection included and tethered to carrier.
  • Built-in ammeter measures electric brake coil current draw.
  • Special circuitry tests break-away battery circuit whether a battery is installed in the trailer or not.
  • Flashing turn signal feeds with stoplight function. Tests turn signal/stoplight combined functions just like the towing vehicle would.
  • Auto-reset circuit breakers w/ short circuit light.
  • Carrier accommodates regular car battery (see Selecting your battery)
Scope of Equipment RV Check Light & Electric Brake System Tester
Model Designations 01014
Dimensions 14.82” L x 13.62” H x 10.70” W
Weight 9.84 lbs. (less battery)
Carrier Single-piece medium-density polyethylene (LLDPE). Yellow finish.
Environmental Weather dust oil and dirt proof. Carrier is acid-proof.

Additional Information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 12 in
Operating Voltage 12 vdc (nominal)
Wiring Protocol RV 7-Wire
Flashing Feeds Toggle switches control left turn & right turn. Circuits are internally loaded & will flash into a dead circuit for easy troubleshooting.
Steady Feeds “On-Off Toggle” switches control aux, running lights, battery charge & electric brakes/stoplights
Stop Light Circuit Unit’s circuitry simulates a turn signal switch/stoplight switch combo to produce actual stoplight function & apply electric brakes
Battery Circuit Can test battery circuit w/ or w/out battery installed in trailer
Circuit Breakers Aux, running & stop – one 20 amp auto-reset circuit breaker Left, right – one 10 amp auto-reset circuit breaker
Short Circuit Warning One red lamp on panel
Current Capacity 20 amps total
Trailer Connection RV 7-blade socket mounted on carried. RV “Flat-4” adapter included
Auxiliary Ground Lead 6.5 ft. w/50 amp clip (for use if needed)
Ammeter 0 to 20 amp measures brake coil draw only

Battery Not Included

Normal Usage BCI size (Group) 24 regular car battery
Heavy Usage Group 24 deep-cycle or gel-cell (not a Group 24 marine battery)
Light Usage Group 22NF or U1
W/ Deltran Battery Tender Group U1 recommended
W/ IOTA 30 Amp Power Supply No battery needed
Max. Battery Weight Approximately 30 lbs. recommended for easy carrying
Terminals Lug or post

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