Express Garage Remote Control Light & Air Brake Tester

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Our Express Garage is a Remote Control Light & Air Brake Trailer Tester System that really works!

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Express Garage Remote Control Light & Air Brake Tester

The Express Garage is a Remote Control Light and Air Brake Tester System designed with three objectives: make it versatile, make it easy to use, and make it sturdy. So we designed a tool that anyone with even basic air brake knowledge can look at and instantly know how to use.

  • Radio remote control light and air brake tester. Each unit comes with two remotes.
  • Adjustable air pressures for both Supply and Control circuits.
  • Pressure indicator lights are on the front and bottom rear of the unit. This allows the operator to safely verify what air circuits are pressurized
  • Easy “Apply Speed” adjustment.
  • Built in air check value to allow for easy leak-down testing.
  • Built in Scanner Lighting tester operates lights in sequence. Check them all in a single walk around.
  • Tests all lighting and air functions in minutes.
  • Battery powered (Selecting your battery)
  • Needs only a shop air hook-up to use.
  • Includes self-containing, pull-up trailer air hoses and light cord
  • Built-in Battery Charger / Maintainer

Battery not included.*

Model Designation(s) 01012
Dimensions 23.5L x 25.0W x 40.0H” to top of cabinet.   44.38”H to top of gladhands. (597L x 635W x 1016mm. 128mm over gladhands.)
Weight (less battery) 105 lbs (47.7 kg); add approx 30 lbs (13.6kg) for your battery.
Cabinet 16 Gauge Steel / Base pan 14 gauge. Weldment forms structure. Gloss black finish.
Mobility 28” solid rubber tired wheels w/roller bearing hubs & grease fittings. 24 1/2” swivel casters. Pull handle on caster end of cabinet.

Additional Information

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 43 in
Operating Voltage 12 vdc (nominal)
Switched Circuits Aux/Mark/Tail
Scanned Circuits Left – 1.5 sec. – Stop – 3.0 sec. – Right – 1.5 sec. Circuits powered 1 at a time & cycle repeats indefinitely. Freeze feature stops scanning action if desired.
Circuit Breakers Aux/Mark/Tail – 20 amps total. SAE type 1 auto reset. Left/ Stop/Right – 14.6 amps each. SAE type 1 auto reset.
Short Circuit Warning Two red LED’s; 1 for each circuit breaker
Low Battery Warning One LED. Blinks at 11 volts. Full on at 10 volts & scanning halted.
Total Current Capacity 34 amps
Trailer Connection SAE 7-pole plug w/cable protector springs. 14 gauge/7 conductor cable comfortably reaches plugs up to 7.3’ (2.21m) from shop floor
Auxiliary Ground Lead 48.0” (101.6mm) 12 gauge wire with twin 50 amp clips
Battery Maintenance 6 Amp Battery maintener with float mode
Max. Shop Air Pressure 130 PSI. Internal safety valve opens at 150 PSI
Air Filtration Supply – internal filter – 40 micron w/5 oz capacity bowl & auto drain feature. Supply & control lines – twin filters protect air solenoids from contaminants
Air Regulation Supply – variable regulator (2-125 PSI) controls supply pressure & feeds control pressure regulator. Control – variable regulator (2-125 PSI) allows additional pressure reduction as needed.
Apply Speed Control Control side; infinitely adjustable flow valve controls speed of service brake.
Anti-Compounding Accomplished electrically by interlocking Air Control Solenoid wiring.
Air Pressure Gauges Twin 2 1/2” pressure gauges indicate pressure; available or applied.
Air Pressure Lights 2 large pressure lights each for Supply/Control. 1 red light for Supply& 1 blue light for Control; located on control panel& 1 red light and 1 blue located in rear of cabinet for view of someone under trailer.
Air Actuation 2 channel radio remote operates Supply & Control air independently.
Air Hoses/Gladhands 3/8” air brake hose w/color coded gladhands for supply & control can reach gladhands up to 7’3” (2.21m) from shop floor.
Dimensions 3.19L x 2.20W x .94”H (81 x 56 x 24mm) Fits into shirt pocket
Weight 1.8 oz (51 grams) without battery
Channels 2 FM channels operate Supply air & Control air. W/ ABS panel switch flipped to “W/Remote”. Remote also controls Auxiliary & Stop electrical circuits in conjunction w/air solenoids.
Normal Usage BCI size (Group) 22NF standard automotive battery
Heavy Usage BCI size (Group) 22NF gel-cell/deep-cycl/or trolling motor battery

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