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Trailer Light Scanner

Whether tractor trailers are your bread and butter, or just part of your workday, light testing is a fact of life. A Trailer Light Scanner makes the job of trailer light testing a lot faster and easier since it powers your trailer’s lighting circuits in sequence. You check the operation of all lighting functions in a single walk-around instead of two or three. In about 60 seconds, the whole lighting system is checked for operation, shorts, and proper grounding. Turn walk time into work time with a Trailer Light Scanner.

  • Operates lights in sequence.
  • Accurately tests all lighting functions in a single walk-around.
  • Finds bad grounds and problems other methods can miss.
  • Short circuit indicators.
  • Low battery warning.
  • Carrier accommodates regular car battery (see Selecting your battery).
Scope of Equipment Trailer lighting systems testing using a circuit scanning sequence.
Model Designations 01009
Dimensions 14.82” L x 13.62” H x 10.70” W
Weight 10.03 lbs. (less battery)
Carrier Single-piece medium-density polyethylene (LLDPE). Grey finish.
Environmental Weather/dust/oil and dirt proof. Carrier is acid-proof.

Additional Information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 15 x 12 in
Operating Voltage 12 vdc (nominal)
Wiring Protocol SAE 7-Wire. Easily adaptable to RV 4/6/or 7-wire standards.
Scanner Circuits Left turn (1.5 sec.)/stop (3.0 sec.)/right turn (1.5 sec.) Circuits powered 1 at a time & sequence repeats indefinitely.
Freeze Feature Mode select switch starts & stops scanning action as needed. Has center “all off” position.
Switched Circuits “On-Off Toggle” switches control aux/marker/tail light circuits.
Circuit Status Indicators One red LED for each of the 6 circuits.
Low Battery Indicator One red LED blinks at 11 volts – on steady at 10 volts.
Circuit Breakers Aux/mark/tail – one 20 amp auto-reset circuit breaker. Left/stop/right – one 15 amp auto-reset circuit breaker.
Short Circuit Warning One LED for the 20 amp breaker – one LED for the 15 amp breaker.
Current Capacity 34 amps total
Trailer Connection SAE 7-Pole plug w/cable protector spring
Trailer Cable 8.5 ft. 7-conductor
Auxiliary Ground Lead 6.5 ft. w/50 amp clip (for use if needed)


Normal Usage BCI size (Group) 24 regular car battery
Heavy Usage Group 24 deep-cycle or gel-cell (not a Group 24 marine battery)
Light Usage Group 22NF or U1
W/ Deltran Battery Tender Group U1 recommended
W/ IOTA 30 Amp Power Supply No battery needed
Max. Battery Weight Approximately 30 lbs. recommended for easy carrying
Terminals Lug or post

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